Excess Protection

Our excess protection is an optional coverage and reduces any excess you may be liable for in the event of damage to the vehicle and/or the theft of a vehicle whilst on hire to those named on the hire agreement.

Excess protection must be opted in to upon collection and paid in advance of the hire on a day to day basis. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

If the excess protection scheme is opted into, the excess amounts applicable are as follows:

  • Micro cars to large cars: £500
  • Premium cars / 7-9 Seaters / 4x4’s: £500
  • Commercial vehicles: £250 - £500 (depending on vehicle type and size)


Any costs incurred due to driver/hirer negligence will not be covered by the excess protection scheme. These include but are not limited to:

  • the vehicle being stolen or the keys lost due to negligence i.e. leaving the keys in the ignition or inside the vehicle when unattended;
  • Use of incorrect fuel in the vehicle. It should state the fuel type required at the bottom of your rental agreement or inside the fuel cap. If you are unsure please call your local branch to confirm;
  • Roof damage – any damage caused to the upper part of the vehicle (above head height) due to hitting low level objects such as bridges, low branches or barriers.

Any limited liability in terms of excess and damage waiver will not apply in these circumstances and you will be liable for all resulting costs in full.

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