Damage Waiver

Damage waiver reduces the liability you are responsible for in the event of damage to and or theft of the vehicle.  The amounts applicable are shown below:

  • Micro – Medium Cars £1000
  • CDV – SWB £1000
  • Premium Cars, Large Cars & Est Cars £1200
  • Refrigerated, Crew Vans, LWB, XLWB, Openback & Luton £1200
  • 7 – 9 seat & 4x4 £1400

Customers who can provide externally sourced independent & verified provisions to cover damage and or theft of the vehicle may be able to decline the damage waiver. It is your responsibility to determine if the personal coverage is adequate to cover theft, loss of revenue, damage, administration fees, diminishment of value, recovery/storage or impound fees. If you decline the damage waiver it is your responsibility to pay the charges & seek compensation from your carrier.

Damage waiver is not insurance.

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